WAGOLL: Year 3 Horrid Henry

Horrid henry to support the writing below

This post links well with my Year 3: How to Write a Character Description post!

Frighteningly, Henry’s mouth had sharp, scary teeth pointing out. Messily, he had scruffy brown hair on the top of his head that looked like he had not brushed it for a month. Surrounding his body was a baggy, smelly, green and blue jumper which was creased after lying on his bedroom floor. On top of his muddy trainers were blue jeans that he seemed to wear every day. The scowl painted on his face would scare even the toughest knight!

Henry, who was very cruel, never said please or thank you, not even to the headmistress! Angrily, he stamped and stomped his feet whenever he did not get his own way. Scarily, he ran through the corridors and swung his school bag around hitting anyone who got in his way. Henry’s schoolwork was atrocious… but he did not care about that!

As you can see from A Year 3 Character Description I have included most of the things the teacher will be looking for such as:-

  • More exciting vocabulary
  • Apostrophes for possession
  • Fronted Adverbials
  • The writing is split into paragraphs

Hope this helps! Can you pick a character and write a character description on them?

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