What… and Who is Primary Reading Wizard?

Hi there! Greetings from the Primary Reading Wizard. Recently I have felt something like a man on a mission. I am on a mission to get children reading… reading because they WANT to read, not because their teacher is forcing them to! As I always say- Today’s Readers are Tomorrow’s Leaders!

My History

Let me give you a little story of my background. I am a class teacher in a primary school in the North West of England. Whereas I never went into teaching to get the children to read amazingly, it has become my overarching passion over the past several years… this is simply because… actually… when you find the right book, it unlocks a passion and a jot that will never be quelled! Nothing fills me with more joy than seeing children reading- mesmerized by books!

This has ignited a spark inside my soul that I know will never go out- I am here to show, teach, develop children who have a love of reading that will last a lifetime!

I hope you follow my journey as I will be posting tools, tips and techniques that will help your child or children to reach the highest they can in reading, and you never know, we may even teach the JK Rowling or Michael Morpurgo of the future!

Fly with me as we reach the stars…

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